Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sharing my application packaging experience

For some years I've been consulting, tutoring, and packaging applications to Windows platforms.
Over these years I've encountered many confused developers who struggled with application packaging  without having proper knowledge of this issue
Many S/W companies simply purchase a license for a packaging tool (InstallShield, Advanced Installer etc...) and let one of the developers find their way. Usually the assumption is that the UI will lead them the way to a proper package.

Well... In most cases the poor developer manages to build a package. Alas the package is far below professional standards and somewhere down the road it will float (when the installation rolls back, an update is released, or whatever other obstacle is encountered)

In this blog I'll share my experience to help packagers understand and improve their packaging skills. While not a replacement for thorough learning it'll give some references and rules-of-thumb



  1. hi Nir Bar,

    yes, your are right, i don't have proper knowledge to make packages, but company purchased installsheild---i not able to work with.

    i am excepting few basic articles working installsheild premier, i am waiting for your articles
    present problem---deploye wsp && powershell using installsheild .

    1. Hi nani,
      You can contact me at - I'll try to help